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Don't Conceal , Feel , Let them Know

Ten minute preview! But best of all, there’s AC. #priorities (at Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Sneak Preview)

Getting ready to sing along! (at Premiere Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

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Elsa cupcake for breakfast! (at Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

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Keeping cool with Olaf today!…or at least, trying to. #olafsummervacation #disneyside (at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studio Park)

Taco Tuesday!

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#actual weasley sophie turner

wow I’m reading this article about Harry Potter fan theories of old, and they literally said “Ron’s overall significance wasn’t anything greater than Harry’s best friend and Hermione’s love interest.”


excuse me

fuck you


lastofthetimeladies: "Remus Lupin"


  1. Harry Potter
  2. Rose Tyler
  5. Elsa
  7. Ginny Weasley 
  9. Sarah Manning
  10. Jemma Simmons

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